Global Export Management Solutions, Inc. 
Export Management Service

   ● Complete and comprehensive representation
   ● Export readiness assessment
   ● Targeted market assessment.
   ● Product evaluation 
   ● Market entry strategy
   ● Pricing strategy
   ● Distribution.Set-up and management
   ● Sales 

Custom Animal Feed Additive Formulation and Manufacturing

  ● Expert advise and formulas to meet specific market needs
  ● Analysis of feed nutritional value
  ● Packing to client's requirements

Private Label Feed Additives - advantages
   ● Control over pricing of the product
   ● Implement own marketing ideas on marketing plans,
   ● Create personalized brand and image 
   ● Generate higher customer loyalty
   ● Higher control on distribution and profits

Your Business Highway to Global Market
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Services available in United States, Hong Kong and Europe
Agricultural product licensing service 
  ● Compliance with local regulation
  ● Document preparation assistance
  ● Application process 
  ● Standards requirements
  ● Quality requirements
  ● Matching your product with approved list of ingredients 
     and materials
  ● Product analysis
  ● Document translation


  ● Contract Manufacturing  
  ● Agricultural products, consumer products and electronics, advanced technologies
  ● Accelerated best value, best supplier strategy
  ● Cost savings on products and services 
  ● Independent quality control check point
  ● Product integirty & on time delivery
  ● Factory to port of destination delivery

Let us put your puzzle pieces together
With many years of experience behind us, we accumulated a unique understanding of international trade and developed range of services to put your business on the Highway to The Global Markets for the fast track.  We continuously improve our services to meet the needs of our international clients and and expanding geographically to provide broader coverage and more localized services.