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Agricultural product licensing service 

The entry of feed additive products into foreign jurisdiction requires  registration.  It can be frustrating, long and expensive project with unclear outcome at the end if you try to do it yourself. Our dedicated and multilingual team with extensive experience and expertise in registration laws and regulations is able to put your project on the right and cost effective track right from the start.

    ● Compliance with local regulation
    ● Document preparation assistance
    ● Application process 
    ● Standards requirements
    ● Quality requirements
    ● Matching your product with approved list of ingredients and materials
    ● Product analysis
    ● Translation 
    ● Document submission,   
        * Available in US and China


Integrated logistic services are offered through multiple experienced logistic service providers in many ports around the globe. 

  ● Ground and Ocean transportation
  ● Customs clearance
  ● Warehousing
  ● Consolidation

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We offer investment assistance services for  business entry, regulatory governance and licensing, trade logistics, tax simplification, Real estate, business acquisition, free trade zones and and secured lending. 

  ● Investment Policy and Promotion 
  ● Industry Competitiveness
  ● Access to products under the Investment practice.
  ● Business registration 
  ● Targeted strategy designing and implementing complex market entry platform. 


Legal team of experts provides employers and employees with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, as well as private individuals and families in easing immigration process.d our attention to detail.

  ● Investment visas
  ● L1A visas
​  ● Work visas
  ● Green Cards